Leading Delegations

Leading Delegations

Karen accompanying a delegation to the Global South.

So you are leading a delegation to the Global South and you need help planning. You may even need someone to go with you and help you with the delegation’s tasks. We have experience planning and leading  delegations to the Global South, especially Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

There are applications, waivers, checklists, and information for delegates such as what to bring, what to expect and what immunizations are needed. And what are the best practices once you meet with a grantee or program participant? How do you maximize your impact in a short amount of time?

No need to re-invent the wheel.  Call us to help you plan your next delegation.

“A colleague referred me to Karen for advice on planning activities to bring donors closer to the mission of Containers 2 Clinics. She recommended a donor trip to Haiti, where some of our clinics are located, and proceeded to share a wealth of knowledge about preparing donors for the trip, managing details, and ensuring the trip would be meaningful to donors as well as our organization. Karen has thought of everything, and provided an amazing opportunity for C2C to learn from her experience. She shared wonderful tips for success, and made sure to mention things that we, as first-time planners, might not consider. She also provided a detailed planning document that has helped us immensely as we pull together details.” ~Dawn Belizaire, Director of Development, Containers 2 Clinics